RitFit® Massage Therapy Ball

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RitFit Massage Therapy Ball 

- Best Trigger Point Ball, Myofascial Release, Yoga Therapeutics, Ergonomic Spine & Tissue Massager Best To Relieve Stress and Relax Tight Muscles 


---RitFit Massage Therapy Ball is designed to provide a comfortable application of pressure to sore muscles and connective tissue. Alleviate kinks and cramps anywhere you feel minor pain and tightness.

---UNIQUE PRODUCT DEISGN COMBO : The RitFit Massage Therapy Ball is ergonomically designed. It comes with the combination of a Trigger Ball and AccuPoint Ball. This product has Double Bridge Design for effective release of pain.

---Made of durable, solid rubber. RitFit Massage Ball provides greater support than other balls and more pliable massage tools, while rubbing out tension from the top of the neck down to the sacrum, from the base of the spine to the toes. Dense rubber reaches deeper into the fascia for tension release.

---RitFit Package Contains Two Ergonomically Designed Massage Therapy Balls, A Carry Case and Workout Starter Guide and 100% Guarantee Policy Simple return the product if you aren't satisfied with it. You also have 2 Color Choices to choose from. Order It Now !!!


1 X RitFit Massage Therapy Ergonomically Designed Combo Balls

1 x RitFit Carry Case

1 x RitFit Massage Therapy Workout Guide

"The RitFit Massage Therapy Balls come with 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Try them for 60 days. If during this time you don't love them or don't feel it was worth or didn't meet your expectations, we give you full refund!"