RitFit Pull Up Bands

by RitFit

RitFit is a web-based fitness gear retailer aims to empower people by providing convenient workout solutions for our customers. RitFit understands that workout takes sweat, endurance, and perseverance, and is here to provide the convenience our customers need for the workout routines with light, durable solutions.

pull up band

RitFit resistance bands can give you a better support and more ways to training your body. Its professional design suits for people no matter who is new in training or professional trainer. The Resistance Band is made of special natural latex, which is very elastic and odorless. The exercises that can be done with training bands like Yoga, Pilates, Crossfit Calisthenics or Freeletics Workout ect, to assist with pull ups, dips and pushups, whether upper body, legs, abdominals, back, arm.

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