RitFit®Floss Bands

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RitFit Floss Bands 


--- DESIGN RitFit Floss bands are uniquely designed to increase the circulation of blood flow and release the tension between muscles and joints which aid in muscle recovery and increasing range of motion.

--- PERFECT SIZE : RitFit Floss band measures 7 Feet in length, 2" in width and comes in two different thicknesses - 1mm and 1.5mm, perfect for Powerlifters , athletes where greater compression is needed.

--- USES : RitFit Floss Bands are perfect for
--- Running
--- Cycling
--- Mountain Biking
--- Hiking
--- Yoga
--- Spartan Race
--- Weightlifting
--- Powerlifting
--- Deadlifting
or anyone who requires compression or with an active lifestyle!

COMPRESSION TACK: You'll be able to compression tack and floss like a pro thanks to the unparalleled stretch capacity that brilliantly stimulates your muscles and aiding in the recovery and support of extreme post workout/training regimes and cross training. If you're serious about your training, you need these bands.

CHOICES : RitFit Floss Bands comes in two sizes with difference in thickness in the bands and also comes with different combos to choose from. Every Purchase comes with a free RitFit Cary Case for storage.


--- RitFit Mobility Floss Bands

--- RitFit Carry Case

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